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Mobile Pump-Out Tips

Here are some helpful tips for a successful boat-to-boat pump-out service . . .

1. If there is anything unusual about your holding tank (cap improperly labeled, located under a hatch, etc.) please contact us at least 24hrs before the service run.

2. Please be sure that your vessel's valves are correctly positioned and make sure your vents are clear so we can empty your tank completely.

3. Make sure that your holding tank cap is not seized and can be easily opened. Our service techs cannot service tanks with seized caps. If your cap is not opened on a regular basis, please be sure it turns easily and lubricate the threads accordingly.

4. If your holding tank fitting is not accessible from the outside of the boat you will need to be present for the service. Service techs will not enter a boat without the owner or owner's representative present.

5. If your vessel is new to you and you are unfamiliar with the sanitation system please contact us to schedule an appointment for your first service. During the time the tech will help you assess if your system is ready for service and answer any questions you might have.

6. Holding tanks can become pressurized if they have a clogged vent, or are filled beyond their capacity. If there is any chance that your holding tank is over-full and has the possibility to geyser, please contact us so our tech can take the necessary safety precautions.

7. If you suspect you have a clogged vent, please contact us for a phone walkthrough. Symptoms of clogged vents are lingering bad odor, leakage around tank fittings, hissing noises, bulging tank walls, liquid flowing back into the bowl, and difficulty emptying the head.

8. Most common problems with a pump-out can be handled with taking the precautions above and regular rotation of service. If you are have any questions about your pump-out service, please contact us and we will access the notes on your boat's pump-out log and help you diagnosis the problem.