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Service Options and Rates

Holding Tank Mobile Pump-out in Serviced Marinas

We offer mobile pump-outs both on-call and regular schedules. Register for service rotation of 2 weeks (bi-weekly) or shorter and get a 10% discount. Prices are based on your total vessel tank size(s).

Up to 40 gallons: $38.00

41-65 gallons: $43.00

66-90 gallons: $48.00

91-115 gallons: $58.00

116-140 gallons: $68.00

141-165 gallons: $100.00

166-190 gallons: $135.00 (requires one full trip of vessel to pumpout station)

190+ gallons: call for rates

ADDITIONAL TANKS: $10 per tank fitting

EMERGENCY FEE and NON-SERVICED LOCATIONS: $135/hr tech and vessel rental (minimum scheduling of 4 hours) plus $1 per gallon, when available and requiring special request. All vessels are automatically scheduled on regular service schedule unless special request and full payment is made.

Holding Tank Maintenance

ODOR OUSTER: $6 per tank (Biodegradable Tank Treatment)

FLUSH: Not available during Shelter in Place

ODOR OUSTER 18oz Container: $21.50 + tax (Tank Treatment, 18 uses)

CLUSTER BUSTER Yearly Tank Treatment: $159 per listed tank size of 40 gallons or less. $2 per gallon on listed tank size over 40 gallons. $40 discount for second tanks on same service.

Marina and Yacht Club Group Plans