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Service Options and Rates

Holding Tank Mobile Pump-out

We offer mobile pump-outs both on-call and regular schedules. Register for service rotation of 2 weeks (bi-weekly) or shorter and get a 10% discount. Prices are based on your vessel tank size.

Up to 40 gallons: $35.00

41-65 gallons: $40.00

66-90 gallons: $45.00

91-115 gallons: $55.00

116-140 gallons: $60.00

141-165 gallons: $65.00

166-190 gallons: $75.00

190+ gallons (requiring multiple pumpout station trips): contact us for tailored rates

ADDITIONAL TANKS: $10 per tank fitting

EMERGENCY FEE: $125/hr tech and vessel rental (minimum scheduling of 2 hours), when available and requiring special request. All vessels are automatically scheduled on regular service schedule unless special request and full payment is made for Emergency Service from the client and BayGreen techs are available.

Holding Tank Maintenance

ODOR OUSTER: $5 per tank (Biodegradable Tank Treatment)

FLUSH: $10 per tank (Freshwater Flush)

ODOR OUSTER 18oz Container: $20 + tax (Tank Treatment, 18 uses)

CLUSTER BUSTER: $60 up to 40 gal + 2 POs (Full Enzyme Treatment)

Marina and Yacht Club Group Plans