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Meet the BayGreen Clean Team

Admiral: Melissa is behind the Wizard of Oz behind the scenes, working to make sure the techs and clients have access to a speedy service. Melissa enjoys rare moments away from her computer petting whales on eco-tours in the Sea of Cortez. lizardandwhale

Head Captain: Dan has 3 undergraduate degrees and a masters degree, 10 years of teaching under his belt, but prefers turning his talents to refurbishing boats for BayGreen and being a steward for the environment in the San Francisco Bay. When Dan has spare time, he enjoys spending his days freediving and getting kelp treatments on his fully refurbished 1969 Sea Wolf. dan

Repair Specialist: Tom is caretaker of the koi pond at the Oakland Museum of California, a long-time expert at West Marine, and volunteers his time to protect sharks in the Bay Area. When not working or donating his time, Tom likes to reap the benefits of protecting Northern California waters with a nice salmon or two for dinner. tom

Lead Tech: David is a US sailing-certified sailing instructor and came to us from the City of Oakland teaching fifth-graders about watershed ecology and conservation. When he's not on the water, David is busy writing science fiction novels and working on his boat, a classic Chris Craft masthead sloop.

Service Tech: Robert received his on the water training from Coast Guard working in Alaska and is a familiar face at Corinthian Yacht Club. On his time off, Robert enjoys teaching his daughter about the natural world.

Cruise Director: Finn is our landbased anchor. He is online Monday to Thursday from 8am to 2pm to help you navigate your holding tank needs.