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Testimonials from BayGreen Clients

We've picked a few of our favorite comments from our clients to share with you . . .

06/03/15: Thank you for your help yesterday at the last minute for our boat at South Beach harbor. —L. (South Beach Harbor)

05/16/15: Hey Finn, thank you for all your diligence trying to get me and Dan together and all you did before that. It's worked out great. He came by this morning so I'm in good shape. Thanks a lot. --P. (Aeolian Yacht Club)

05/15/15: I want to tell you fantastic job. That was really simple. I scheduled it online. I can now see the results of the service were 15 gallons from each tank. I now know they are empty. Just wanted to say thank you very much. Well done and I will be using you again in the future as needed. Have a great weekend. --D. (Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor)

9/25/12: We will be moving from Ballena back to the Delta this Saturday. We appreciate your service and will contact you again next year when we return. Thanks --K. (Ballena Isle Marina)

9/20/12: You guys are a case study in doing business well! Thanks for being awesome. Few things I've noticed ... 1. easy setup, 2. the first customer service agent i talked with, the inspection guy, and the service guy, melissa, and dan ... five superstars -- all really friendly 3. the online scheduling service so simple and convenient. 4. and while i've never used it, the fact that you can do "flag downs" is awesome, 5. pricing is reasonable for the service you get. Kudos! --K. (Pier 39 Marina)

9/13/12: Thank you! Just wanted to send out a special HI to Gloria and the BG Crew! Hope you're all well. --M. (Berkeley Marina)

9/5/12: Thanks Dan and your crew. --K. (Grand Marina)

9/5/12: Thanks Melissa. You guys have the best service I’ve seen in a very long time, keep up the good work! Best, --C. (Berkeley Marina)

9/3/12: Thanks Melissa. I really appreciate Ben's good work. --B. (Emeryville Marina)

9/2/12: Good afternoon, Just to let you know that we will be leaving to go cruising to Mexico in just over a week so we will no longer require your services. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend. Sincerely, --J. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

8/30/12: Hello, Thank you again for such amazing service with my overflow problem. The boat is currently dry docked for maintenance and I am looking at the balancing of the holding tanks. With Gratitude. --M. (Emeryville Marina)

8/30/12: When I originally searched for some one to hire for this job I couldn't think of who to call. Svendsens comes up pretty quick with a google search when typing marine repair, installation, etc but BayGreen did not. Then I went at it from the--who would want to keep the poop out of the water?--angle and you guys did pop up quickly when pump out service was entered. My original reason for calling BayGreen was that I figured you would have a connection to someone who handled this type of job as I did not know that bay green was tooled up for this service as well. It's nice to know BayGreen exists when the manure hits the ventilator. --R. (Marina Village)

8/29/12: HI! Wanted to thank you / BayGreen for the quick response to the service request I sent out late Monday. The tech arrived yesterday and emptied the tank, and now all is well! --R. (Fortman Marina)

8/21/12: Thanks so much, Melissa, as always, for your professionalism and great response! Take care. --J. (Jack London Square Marina)

8/19/12: I will be letting the new owners know that you were our pump out vendor. Thanks for you service. Best. --R. (Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor)

8/9/12: Hi, Thank you so much! I am kinda hard to miss:) So glad to have you guys around! --O. (Pier 39 Marina)

7/18/12: Thanks for the quick response! You guys are awesome.--E. (Marina Village)

7/6/12: Thanks so much for the prompt service! We really appreciate it.--G. (Grand Marina)

6/30/12: We did see them and thought just another service by a great company.--N. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

6/29/12: You have always been super heroes in my Book- glad to see everyone now knows!--R. (Berkeley Marina)

6/4/12: You guys are great. Thanks so much. --E. (Berkeley Marina)

5/29/12: Thanks for taking care of us while we enjoyed your service. --D. (Berkeley Marina)

5/23/12: Thanks for being able to add [our vessel] to last Monday's trip to Marina Bay YH. Great service–I'm very glad I found your company. Regards,--P. (Marina Bay Yacht Harbor)

4/3/12: I like that you guys are on the ball...I appreciate the emails.--G. (Pier 39 Marina)

3/18/12: Thank you for letting me know about the light. Please let your tech know that it really was not his fault, nor was it my Wife's fault when she knocked the other light off a couple of months ago. Do not worry about it as I have to get another one. Light not Wife. You have a great tech, please thank him for letting me know about it. Smooth Seas, --P. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

3/12/12: I want you to know I appreciate your service very much and feel you have a very well run business which is under appreciated until the pooh isn't circling the drain. --P. (Berkeley Marina)

3/12/12: Please pass along my thanks to the guys for pumping the tanks. The weather here sucks, so I know it must've been a pretty rough day for them. Take care.--A. (Jack London Square Marina)

03/03/12: Thanks for the email. You were correct that I just wanted the aft tank pumped. I'll let you know if both tanks need to be serviced. I appreciate all the attention you've given me. --P. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

03/02/12: Yes, in the pumping out and toilet business, maybe the accolades are few and far between! J But truly, you guys do a great job of everything you do and I am a very satisfied customer. --J. (Grand Marina)

02/14/12: Dear Dan and the Baygreen Team, Thank you for you excellent service during the time that we resided at the Berkeley Marina. --D. (Berkeley Marina)

02/10/12: Thank you sooo much. You rock. --J. (Berkeley Marina)

02/01/12: Y'all are efficient as always :) --S. (Jack London Square Marina)

01/29/12: Thank you for your prompt and professional service. --G. (Oyster Cove Marina)

01/05/12: We will no longer need a pumpout service as we will not be living aboard. Thank you for your great service over the years and I'm really glad you are out there! --C. (Oyster Cove Marina)

12/27/11: Thanx again to you for your concern . . . and WE are glad it was an easy fix! Happy new year. --D. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

12/26/11: Happy Holidays to you and your crew. And a happy new year. On my next service . . . could you send along another one of those Healthy boater treatments? I used up the last one you sent out and that was far better than the product I usually buy at West Marine. Thank you kindly. Happy Holidays, --M. (Oyster Cove Marina)

12/14/11: We love your service, and intend to remain customers for a long time!!! Thank you --Capt. DEO (Corinthian Yacht Club)

12/02/11: Thank you for your great service. I was really impressed by Tom. He was very courteous and efficient. --M. (Pier 39 Marina)

12/02/11: You guys are soooo good to me. Tom was just fantastic, really went above and beyond. Such a great sense of humor too! A real pleasure for me to have him aboard. I truly appreciate everything the BayGreen Team has done for me, and looking forward to a long and happy relationship! Namaste --A. (Jack London Square Marina)

11/26/11: Thanks for your help today - you were a lifesaver. We, in the USCG Auxiliary, talk up your services when we do vessel safety exams and now I have a personal experience to pass along. --D. (Emeryville Marina)

11/21/11: We will definitely be recommending your services to whomever comes to see the houseboat. We think you guys are terrific - everyone I have spoken with is helpful and always shows top-notch customer service. Thank you! --A. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

11/07/11: You guys appear very professional . . . Even before I knew you I joked with friends that I never had to give so much thought to having the head on my boat dumped since you people were so organized. --S. (Pier 39 Marina)

11/01/11: You all are so good--you could teach many companies on how to do business. --D. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

10/04/11: Thank you for the [Odor Ouster Healthy Boater] Holding Tank treatment! I think you guys are great too and always recommend your services when I hear of someone looking for a pump-out service. --A. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

09/09/11: I just want to say thanks for the great service. You guys have always done what you said you are going to do and have been very flexible with my travels. I also love not having to take the boat to the pump out. I can always rest assured that when I get to the boat she will have been pumped out and always left in good order. The service frequency change feature on the internet is a great feature. It only took about 2 minutes to change! --K. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

08/22/11: We have been lucky enough to get a liveaboard slip in the Westpoint Marina in Redwood City. Their new modern docks have pumpout service within reach of every slip. Unfortunately, this means we won't be needing your wonderful service after this week. We think you have a great business and will continue to recommend you to all our boating friends! --L. (Oyster Cove Marina)

07/14/11: You folks provide a great service and are a pleasure to deal with! --R. (Pier 39 Marina)

07/11/11: You guys are really doing a great job with all this online stuff! --T. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

06/27/11: Thanks for working with me on this. You all have been great to work with and I wish you the best. Mexico awaits! --J. (Grand Marina)

The South San Francisco and Brisbane BayGreen Mobile Pump-Out boat, freshly restored.

06/16/11: We wanted to let you know that Tom is fantastic! We were surprised at such a young age he is extremely knowledgeable not just of his job, but about boats in general. He took time to explain to us exactly what he was doing and how it all works. We observed that he cleaned up after the equipment at both your service boat and the pumpout station. There is absolutely no doubt he is a true asset to your company. We hope you will acknowledge his wonderful customer service. We registered for on-call service because of Tom. --B. (Brisbane Marina)

05/26/11: We REALLY appreciate the excellent, on-time service while here at the Aeolian YC and look forward to meeting your owner when we hit La Paz this winter . . . met him at "Strictly Sail" and he gave us his card and told us to look him up. --K. (Aeolian Yacht Club)

05/19/11: You guys made this way too easy for me, which is great as I am a lazy person. I'm sure I'll be using you guys again in the future and thanks again for all your prompt help. --A. (Jack London Square Marina)

05/15/11: I just want to thank you again for bringing this service to Paradise Cay. The timing for me is perfect as I'm heading offshore next weekend and starting the trip with a clean holding tank is a must. I continue to promote your service here in the Cay and I hope you are seeing more participants. All the best --G. (Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor)

05/15/11: GREAT, EASY website. Thanks for making it so easy. --N. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

Tech Trevor snaps a view (or non-view) in Berkeley Marina while waiting for the fog to clear.

05/02/11: This business is by far the best Marine Sanitation in the Bay Area. I have used them for many many years and have nothing but the greatest service and exceptional professional work. They treat my boat wit the utmost respect, and leave it cleaner than they find it. The people running the boat are very courteous and very helpful. The management are always available to answer any questions that I have about my system. They are eager to help in any way that they can and have gone out of their way to help me when I needed a rush pump out. I highly recommend this business. Be aware of other fly by night un-reputable companies who promise lots and do not deliver! . . . I have 4 -5 years of un-interrupted and hassle and problem free service to back [my review] up! --Captain Rich on Yelp (Berkeley Marina)

05/02/11: Dan, I read your SF Chron article and applaud you. I am a new client and am happy to support you. --P. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

03/24/11: Appreciate you putting safety first for your crew . . . and thx also for the call this morning . . . we will be fine until you get here, hopefully tomorrow. We have an option to go uphill if needed, of course. --K (Aeolian Yacht Club)

02/16/11: Heya! Had a last-moment miracle with our second engine, and we're doing the pumpout ourselves, so no need for you guys. BUT! I am going to tell EVERYONE I KNOW that you followed up, even at this hour of the night. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~L! (Emeryville Marina)

02/15/11: Thanks so much for the extra trouble of finding the tech and adding my boat to the Berkeley pump out on such short notice. Thanks, --J. (Berkeley Marina)

02/11/11: You guys have been just AWESOME. I'm deeply grateful for the help you've given me for the past few years. Please be sure that Dan, especially, gets a big "thank you" from me. --L. (Oyster Point Marina)

12/28/10: I was able to finally make an online payment, I had been waiting for my credit card to arrive in the mail, your staff has been so patient with my families financial situation and my family and I would like to wish BayGreen a happy new year. --C. (Pier 39 Marina)

12/20/10: I wanted to thank you very much for the great service, and I will be sure to give you a call to reinstate my pump out schedule when I decide to move back up that way. --C. (Ballena Isle Marina)

12/10/10: Thanks for your prompt attention to our request. This will make my wife, the real [boat owner], very happy. --S. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

11/18/10: We've had BayGreen Marine pump-out our 60ft Motor Yacht every two weeks for the last three years and couldn't be happier with their service. They are friendly and responsive, and have never failed to get us pumped out on schedule -- what a relief to find such a reliable company! --T. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

11/01/10: Thank you for excellent service. You apparently have a well thought out operation, as well as a great web site. Cheers, --M. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

10/12/10: Thank you very much for your response. I like the way you do business, and I hope to stay a good customer of your company. Sincerely, --F. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

09/09/10: Thanks, with service like this, you folks will do great. If you ever need a recommendation, let me know. --D. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

08/26/10: We will be leaving the Marina Village Yacht Harbor on Monday and sailing south to Mexico. Today's pump out will be our last day of service. Thanks for your consistency in good service. --S. (Marina Village Yacht Harbor)

08/24/10: I love your service--you are so prompt and dependable. --C. (Grand Marina)

08/16/10: Thanks for getting me back on schedule - never made it over to pump out last week, getting tired of walking up the dock every night. Your service is great. --A. (Richmond Marina Bay Yacht Harbor)

08/15/10: Dear staff of B.G. After an afternoon of service calls from your very helpful crew, and the assistance of a neighbor, I believe I found the issue that has caused 'the leaking stink'. . . I definately will need your return, to pump, flush, and sanitize this foul smelling ship of mine. Regards, --C. (Richmond Marina Bay Yacht Harbor)

08/13/10: Dear Dan: Thank you so much. The inspection went fine and I appreciate your support in letting the harbormaster know we are responsible with our waste. Sincerely, --J. (Berkeley Marina)

08/09/10: Just following up in regards to the Tuesday appointment. I wanted to say thank you and to note that the tech was extremely helpful and professional. I will be sure to recommend BayGreen to my peers as often as possible in the future. --B. (Oyster Cove Marina)

08/02/10: Thank you for all the great info. We will follow your advice and keep our head clean and green. --P. (Berkeley Marina)

07/10/10: I appreciate the follow-up. You have a wonderful organization there and I didn't want anyone to think I was dissatisfied [with service cancel notice] and I am happy to refer the new owner of [boat name]! Take care and look forward to working with you again. Thanks again, --J. (Grand Marina)

06/05/10: So very much appreciate your great and most useful service. I only hope I find as reliable a company in San Diego. Best regards, --R. (Emery Cove Yacht Harbor)

06/04/10: Thanks so much for making it happen yesterday . . . [my wife] and I were very pleased that your team went the extra mile. --B. (Pier 39 Marina)

05/23/10: We really appreaciate you guys . . . you're great! --J. (Aeolian Yacht Club)

04/29/10: The problem with the holding tank has been repaired. The Cheoy Lee factory thought it was good idea to put a copper pipe in the holding tank for a down pipe!! Needless to say that it was totally missing. We pumped out 120 gallons of 4 year old STUFF out of the tank last Saturday. All should be up to speed now. Thank you again for your prompt response to our problem. I am selling your service to other live aboards with high recommendations. --M. (Emeryville Marina)

03/31/10: I love your service and have recomendened you to several people. With regular pumpouts I have found that my head odors have disappeared which is a problem of older boats. Regards, --C. (South Beach Harbor)

03/28/10: We would like to thank you for all the very reliable and excellent service we have received from you the last 8 months. --S. (Emeryville Marina)

03/05/10: I am very impressed with your company already -- your promptness in getting to my boat for that service and your great follow-up generally -- something you don't see very often in people who work on boats :) I am delighted you are "on the scene" and that I was able to connect with you. I will spread the word to my other boater friends. Take care. --J. (Grand Marina)

02/18/10: I just wanted to thank you folks so much for everything. You folks have been wonderful. Unfortunately/fortunately . . . the new marina I'm moving to has pumpouts built into the slips and I don't believe you folks go that far down the penninsula anyhow. Who knows, I may end up needing your services again one day as if I get to retire (in the next few months) . . . maybe I'll venture to other marinas that you folks will be working out of! Again, thank you guys for everything - you've been fantastic and I'd recommend you folks to anyone! I know many boat owners and run into folks all the time and would be more than glad to continue to send business your way. --C. (Grand Marina)

01/21/10: I was so happy to see your man here today to pump my tank. I figured with the horrible weather and rough seas that your schedule would be off by several days. Imagine my surprise when as I approached my boat I heard the familiar motor of my holding tank being pumped. Thanks so much. Please mention my appreciation to all concerned. --B. (Emeryville Marina)